Record your CPAP Usage
Instructions for the ResMed S9 Series

Here's how to report your data:
1. Access Advanced Menu.
2. From the Home screen, press the "i" (information) button.
Resmed S9
Resmed S9
3. This will take you to the Sleep Quality

Resmed S9 Usage
4. Turn the push dial counter-clockwise
to access the Sleep Report.

Resmed S9 Sleep Report
5. From the Sleep Report screen, press the push dial (Period should be highlighted).

6. Press the push dial again, Period should now be highlighted in yellow.

7. Turn the push dial clockwise to change the period of time to 3 Months.

8. Press the push dial to access the usage report in months.

Enter the information below
Days > 4:
Avg. Usage:
Used Hours:
Please answer the following questions required by your insurance company
to maintain equipment coverage.
Yes      No
Are you currently using CPAP therapy to assist with breathing while you are asleep?
How many hours a day do you usually use this machine?
How many months have you been using this machine?
Will you keep using this treatment in the future?
Did you, the patient, complete answers #1-5?
If you did not answer these questions, who did and what is their relationship to you?
Please enter your 5-digit Patient/Customer ID (ex. 12345)